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Wild things

Samhain plans

Posted by revia on 2006.09.24 at 18:30
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Yes, it is 6 weeks away. But, I forgot to mention a few things last night.

We will be having a kids' crafts thing (we need a better name for that!). The children will be hearing a story about Samhain and why we wera masks on Halloween. Then they will get a chance to make their own masks. I'm also thinking of bringing some juice and cookies for them to munch on before ritual. And, I thought of a wonderful incentive for the kids. My coven used to have a little thing where we added beads to a string at each ritual. You got two beads if you led the riutal. I thought, we could have something similiar for the kids. Give them each a string, and every ritual they attend, they can add a bead to it. I'm also thinking of having stickers ready for kids who help with passing out napkins and cups, AND each kid who is really good during the ritual can get another sticker. Maybe one of the crafts we do at some point could be making a "Book of Stickers" so they can keep track of the rituals. :-)

Of course, I am very much open to any ideas.

Also, Samhain will have a potluck meal after the ritual. Please bring a dish to share and plan on staying for the really, really fun part!

Autumn Equinox

Posted by rowyntree on 2006.09.24 at 17:29
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The kids had a really great time making the bracelets and they really liked the box of thanks. It's very cool to see that the kids got into coming up with things they are thankful for. They liked putting the little pieces of paper into their boxes & kept adding more, so that is really great. Here I thought the boxes wouldn't go over so well! My son was pretty tired when we got home & said he hadn't wanted to come and he wasn't going to go to the next circle. I told him well that's too bad, because the next circle is Samhain/Halloween, and Kele Ivey is going to read all the kids who come a SUPER COOL story AND all the kids are going to make MASKS!!! And his reply was "I'm definitely going to THAT one."



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Witches' Ball 2006

Posted by revia on 2006.09.17 at 20:56
NIPA's Fourth Annual Witches' Ball is right around the corner... October 14th! We have a new hall for this year, a different American Legion, the one in Schererville just north of 30 on Burr St.

I have tickets and will be selling them at all NIPA events from now until the date. If you have a Paypal account, you can pay for them online and I will hold them at the door for you.

Tickets are $17, but you can get $2 back if you bring a food pantry donation. There will only be 100 tickets available. The new hall is just as small as the old one.

AND... I desperately need volunteers. I need people to bring food, do readings, get door prize donations, and help decorate.

We'll be having a meeting on Thursday for those that want to help out. We're meeting at the Starbuck's (go figure) in Merrillville. The one in front of Barnes and Noble... not in it. Please let me know if you want to help but can't make the meeting.

Autumn Equinox

Posted by rowyntree on 2006.09.10 at 20:49
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I've already posted this on the NIPA Yahoo list, but was suggested to post it here, so here goes:

On Saturday, September 23rd at 6:00pm at the UU Church in Hobart, we will be having a Kids Activity Class before the Sabbat ritual. The kids can make either a leaf beaded bracelet or a small box of thanks. If time permits, they can make both! There's also a pretty cool (at least I think so) leaf coloring page with a list of trees at the bottom, telling what each tree symbolizes. Again, if time permits, I have a story to read about the Autumn Equinox. Just so parents know beforehand, when the kids make the leaf beaded bracelet, I will be asking them that while they are stringing the beads, to hold one bead at a time in their hand & say, silently, quietly, or out loud, what they are thankful for. The beads are very pretty! The box of thanks is a small, round box that the kids will be gluing foam leaves around the top lid. We're using "glue dots" which are like stickers so I think the younger crowd won't have a problem at all. On small strips of construction paper, they'll be asked to write something they're thankful for and to place it inside their box. They can add to this box over the year or they can take the papers out & use the box for something else. It's a pretty cute little box! And of course, hopefully there will be enough time for the younger ones to run in circles around the tables to burn off some energy before it's time to sit down for ritual. ;)

Ok so I think I covered everything, but in case I didn't, email me at rowantree@hotmail.com



Pagan Pride Day

Posted by revia on 2006.08.26 at 09:23
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OK... just got home from work. Getting ready to hop in the shower and head out to Woodland Park for PPD. I hope to see you all there. It should be fun. I'm leading a guided meditation this afternoon, so please come out and give me a bit of support.

Please bring a camera and take pics of tdstraitjacket assume the tole of town crier. It should be lots of fun.

I can't wait to hear how other people liked it!

water creature

newbie here

Posted by hookahpookah on 2006.08.17 at 11:55
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hey everyone!
i'm living here in Valparaiso! [waves]

just thought i would stop by and say hi!
i'm very new around this area (just moved here a few months ago to be with my fiancee)
and hopefully i can find someone to talk to :)

right now, i've been trying to find my place in the pagan/wiccan world.
i became very interested when i was a child, but was scared off by my overly religious catholic mother.
just recently everything what i believe in has been coming up in the weirdest of places
 (kinda like subliminal hints from the goddess herself!)
So i've been secretly preparing myself and learning everything i can.
(my fiancee has no idea that i used to dabble in it way back when and is starting to now, 
but i will come out as soon as i am ready)
[please dont bash me for doing so, i have already gotten a good bashing in the wiccan community]

anywho, just checking to see how everyone is is!
oh, and i think someone needs to update the NIPA site!  :) 

and does anyone actually meet up at the restaurants and such?
what do you do there?
do you rspv or just show up?

they kinda sound like fun hehe!

have a blessed day!

Pagan Pride Day

Posted by rowyntree on 2006.08.03 at 22:26
Current Mood: creative
Does anyone know someone who would be willing to do henna tattoos at PPD?


Back Home!

Posted by rowyntree on 2006.07.17 at 15:43
Current Mood: emotional!
We survived camping as a family. I was impressed with how well my hubby & I worked to pack things up and unpack once we got home. We were completely unpacked in less than an hour. I'm still working on laundry though and I feel very, very tired, even after sleeping in my own bed.

Camping with kids ages 5 and 10 is exhausting. We were at the "quiet site". I was told I should be at that site because the other site would be up late, drumming. I wasn't told that the sound carried and it carried very well. At main ritual, we could all hear the kids yelling & laughing. I'm surprised that no one at the ritual mentioned that if we can hear them, then they can hear us. I think the drumming and singing wound up the kids even more than normal, so they ended up going to bed late. My son wouldn't fall asleep because he didn't like the drumming (just on the first night). I think instead of the sites being called "quiet" and "noisy", they should have been labeled "kids" and "adults". It was great that all of the kids, with the exception of Revia's niece & nephew, were at one site. They had a BLAST playing with each other. Catching frogs in the stream behind us, playing with the water spigot, painting rocks, scooping sand and/or water into little bottles or just piling onto a picnic table and talking. It was really beautiful to see all of the kids getting along and having such a great time.

On the other hand, I hated being stuck in the kids' site while all the adults were having fun at the other site. It brought back memories of having to stay home and babysit my two younger sisters while all of my friends were out having fun! LOL! I think Jaiden felt the same way...I know Saturday night we both listened and knew what songs were being sung, wishing we were there, singing along with them. Jaiden really missed not having her drum. It was a real downer, we were all very quiet and just called it a day and went to bed. I absolutely LOVE falling asleep to the drums and the chanting. I heard raccoons getting into the bag of marshmallows I'd accidentally left out. The next morning, the kids thought this was hilarious, raccoons eating their marshmallows. They were mad when they found out I'd already thrown the bag away, they wanted to see what it looked like. My children are weird that way. In the morning, I swear, I have never in my life heard so many birds. It's a great way to wake up.

Since we were stuck at the kids site watching kids, we couldn't visit the other site. So I didn't get to really talk to anybody beyond saying a quick hi and how's it going. :(

The Wiccaning was beautiful. Everyone had the most incredible wishes for the baby. I didn't even notice until someone nudged me - there's my son, sitting outside of circle with his bestest friend singing "May the Circle Be Open". I was mortified until I realized that other people were turning around and saying how cute they were. Whew!

Later, it was almost time for main ritual and my hubby decided he'd take the kids to the lake while I went to ritual. I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to ritual or the lake. She really, really wanted to go, but the lake won by just a hair. Kind of funny, since the stepping stone was for the West/Water, isn't it? I'm bummed, because I know she would have loved the ritual and I think she was a little bummed out too.

It was a *beautiful* ritual. During the ritual, we began singing "We Are One..." and I started to feel like I was going to cry. Any time I sing that song with my kids or hear someone else singing it, I can hear Linda B. in my head. I mean, really hear her. If you never got a chance to hear her sing that song, I am so sorry. She sang so loud and so strong, it made your heart sing to hear her. Many years ago, a group held a weekend campout. I don't remember the name of the park or the campout or anything. I was going through a really horrible time, didn't want to spend the weekend. Wasn't going to go, I was too depressed, I had to deal with too many bad things on a daily basis. Things were BAD, and I knew they were only going to continue. I ended up making myself go for the day, I don't know how, I don't know why. I pulled up and there were my NIPA friends and I started to feel a little better. :) A belly dancing teacher was offering a mini class and I got talked into attending. Me! I can find a way to trip when I'm sitting down, I am that uncoordinated. It was a blast. The women in the circle all laughed and even though people were watching us, I didn't feel self conscious at all, I was having too much fun to care! We went to main ritual and I stood next to a very distinguished looking older man. I didn't know most of the people there, so I was pretty intimidated. When it came time for the cakes & ale, he offered me part of his "cake" and said "May you never hunger", then advised me I was to offer him my "ale" and say "May you never thirst". I'd never heard of this before and he was so kind, patient and giving...I just felt overwhelmed by a feeling of love and acceptance in that circle. We closed up and went into a community building to eat. Afterwards, we were still sitting there and I noticed a woman with long, dark hair. She had a star sticker on her face and she was putting stickers on people she knew and everyone seemed very happy. I watched her for the longest time, and I have to admit, I was feeling really sad that I wasn't part of that happiness, that I was just an outsider and I knew that soon I'd have to go home and deal with the awfulness that had become my life. And just as I'm thinking this, she came up to me and told me I needed a sticker and put a blue star sticker on my face. I thanked her and she danced away to anoint someone else. I couldn't believe it. I kept touching this stupid little star on my face, amazed. I started to think that hey, maybe I AM part of this group, I DO belong here, even though I don't know everyone, I will know them all eventually. I kept that star sticker for the longest time and eventually, I lost it.

Later, I learned that the distinguished looking man I stood next to in circle was Stan, and the "star sticker woman" was his wife, Linda. In just one day, both of them did something that made me feel loved and accepted when I had been feeling so absolutely horrible. It changed me, it changed how I felt about everything and when I did go home that night, I went home knowing I could handle the mess that was waiting.

So I started to cry when we began singing that song at main ritual at the campout. And when we were told to choose a star, shell or mirror for someone who has made a difference in their life, I chose a blue star for Linda B. I couldn't tell the story, I started to cry before I even walked up to get the star. Because I never got the chance to tell her thank you. I never got the chance to even really know her. But at least I hear her singing in my head! :)

It's amazing how we all come into contact with each other and do or say something that helps someone out. Even though I didn't get to visit and missed the drumming, just knowing that everyone was there, all of us, together, made me so happy. And in my book, that makes the campout a huge success!



Posted by revia on 2006.07.12 at 12:20
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Can't wait to see people this weekend! We're heading out tomorrow to get and early start and to be available to help those coming in on Friday. Plus, it's always good to have an extra day of camping!

There will be quite a few of us up there tomorrow afternoon, so whatever time you show up Friday, there will be people there.

And... if you aren't the camping type, you can still join us for the day. We're at Nassaki 2 and 3 in the youth camping area. It's always lots of fun. You can see what it's like before you decide to join us next year!

dark & sparkly side


Posted by revia on 2006.07.01 at 14:27
For those who are interested in participating in the Highland Parade in July 3rd (NIPA's 3rd year!):

OK... here's what everyone needs to know for the parade. Line up is in the same place it has been forever: the parking lot of St. James Catholic Church on the corner of 45th and Kennedy in Highland. The parade starts "promptly" at 6:30 (just like every year). It's first come first served. Even though we are registered (Under Northwest Indiana Pagan Association), we are not guaranteed a spot. If you do not get there before the cut-off, you will not be in the parade.

I will not be there this year , but you all can use my driveway to assemble/carpool. My address is 1035 N. Rensselaer in Griffith. I'm about 1 1/2 blocks north of 45th, 2 blocks east of Broad. It's a ranch house with tan siding, 2 pine trees, an apple tree and a bunch of rocks and weeds in the front. Greg's car should also be there, the blue Ford Focus. Please do not ring the doorbell. He will probably be sleeping since he has to work that evening. Everyone is supposed to be here at 4:30 to get ready. I'm assuming that NIPA shirts are still the uniform.

Remember... if you all decide to hand out candy, you are not to throw it to the kids. Hand it out or toss it from side of the road, not from the truck. I also suggest someone getting doggie biscuits, since pet owners were more appreciative of them than the kids were with the candy. I do think candy is still a good idea, it kinda tickles my funny bone for kids to take candy from witches.

Also, remember, that we do not participate in any confrontations. We ignore any boos and hisses and name-calling. We say thank you if people say they are praying for us. We do not take it personally if parents refuse to let their kids take candy from us. We ask people if they want our flyers, rather than forcing them on everyone. We are happy, normal people and that's what we want people to know.

Patricia has happily volunteered to coordinate all of this. You can reach her at 219-929-9372. Please CALL her, do not email her!!!!!

For various reasons, this is the only parade we are doing this year. Maybe we will add another again next year. I hope you all have fun! Wish I could be there!

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