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Important - regarding Kids Craft Activity

Posted by rowyntree on 2007.07.14 at 12:43
I realize the activity here is pretty low, but I'm posting anyway...

The kids craft activity, usually held before the Sabbat ritual, has been cancelled. There will no longer be a kids craft activity.

If you're interested in organizing (i.e., spending your own money) the kids craft activity, you'll need to contact either Nancy or Patricia.

Help Wanted

Posted by rowyntree on 2007.06.04 at 08:59
I'm the children's tent coordinator for this year's Pagan Pride Day and I am in dire need of volunteers. If you are interested, please contact me at rowantree@hotmail.com. You don't have to volunteer for the entire day. Whatever time you can give is appreciated. Since the kids have different activities, I need volunteers to man those activities. It's not just about sitting at a table and passing out crayons, trust me. This year we're getting the kids into more interactive things and that means needing many more volunteers. If you can help out at all, please let me know. Thanks!

Rock On

Wanting to help...

Posted by disaster_orchid on 2007.05.04 at 16:15
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I live in Cedar Lake and saw an article in our local paper on Wednesday that caught my attention. It was about a girl at Hanover Central being sent home Monday for having a Pentagram on her cheek. Her father, a practicing Pagan, explained that it was for religious reasons (Beltane); and that a child with ash on their face on Ash Wednesday would not be sent home, asked for an apology. He didn't recieve one and the next day the girl was sent home again for the same reason. Here's the story in the Times yesterday.

I was just wondering if there is anything we can do to help these people. If anyone knows them, maybe you could ask them if they would like our support...I'm sure if you look up their name you might be able to find a phone number. I don't know. I just feel for this family and want them to know that the NWI Pagans support them.


Posted by rowyntree on 2006.12.23 at 02:05
The Yule ritual is this Saturday and I just wanted to remind everyone that there will be a kid's craft activity beforehand at 6pm. The kids will be making a star and this will be a part of the ritual later! After we make our stars, we're going to sit down to eat some cookies and listen to a really great story. Hope to see you!

Pagan Flier Sent Home from School

Posted by gentlew0lf on 2006.12.07 at 01:46
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I know this has nothing to do with Northwest Indiana, but I found this on my friends page posted by raeveness about an article from Charlottesville, VA. where a flier had been distribute to the children of some school via their "Backpack System" about advertising a Dec. 9 event celebrating the December holidays with a Pagan twist. Of course, a some parent wrote in her blog complaining about it and it has caused quite a debate.

Well, I posted my two cents to it as well, and it can be read Here.

Last month when something similar was posted in The Times, I wanted to reply, but thought not to because at the time I didn't feel I knew enough. Now, I know that I'm still new to all of this, but I know what I feel in my heart, and if we don't speak out, when will there be any change?

One can't expect to change the world, but you are given a voice for a reason, and that is to be heard.

Question about my path...

Posted by gentlew0lf on 2006.11.03 at 02:00
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This is preciously why I joined this community, so that I could have access to many different "teachers" rather then just one. Especially considering sometimes I'm not sure what to believe of what I'm told about wicca. I'm still learning, and now I'm questioning if Wicca is the path I'm following, or if I fall under something else???

Someone please help, I'm confused, and I have too many path's surrounding me. I'm not sure which way to follow. My Husband is an Odinist and follows the old Norse traditions, One friend is a wiccan, and still another friend calls himself an elementalist. I have all three of them "teaching me." I tend to understand and relate most to my elementalist friend, who has told me he doesn't see me as a "wiccan," but rather as a "shaman."

So what am I suppose to be studying??? My husband tells me that it's a good idea to study many different paths to find out which I relate to the most. Yet, at the same time, that tends to confuse me, because of the following:

For Samhain (Did I spell that right?? I'm sorry if I didn't, I'm being lazy about looking it up right now so I don't forget my train of thought.) my Elementalist friend bought me a deck of Tarot cards. It is a deck that I found at Barns and Nobels at the beginning of October and could hardly walk out of the store without it. It is called The Manga Tarot Deck, and I wanted it because I love the art!

Okay....and I couldn't keep from trying my first reading, which resulted as follows: Will my daughter's father bother to come visit her this SaturdayCollapse )

I originally posted those results to my journal, and my Wiccan friend replied telling me that we (as wiccans) aren't suppose to do our own readings (she had asked me to do a reading for her regarding her own court hearing), but that this one was okay because I was doing the reading for my daughter.

Okay.....so I have since been pondering this, and I'm not questioning if the Wiccan path is for me or not??

So I understand the reasons why a Wiccan isn't suppose to do their own readings... I had that explained to me by my Elementalist friend... but my thoughts on the subject are that the Tarot don't predict the future. They tell you what could happen if you chose a certain path. It is my belief that the future is not set and it changes based on the decisions we make today and the road we decide to follow (my favorite poem is "The Road Not Taken"), and so, to me, reading the Tarot is for guidance. A way to help you decide which path to follow.

So, that being said.... What am I?? My Elementalist friend has the same thoughts, and thus is why he said he sees me as more of a Shaman then a Wiccan. Either which way, I'm still Pagan, I'm just confused as to my path. I use to study "shamanism" in High School...but I never got in dept with it, and I'm not sure if I should keep reading "Bucklands complete book of Witchcrafdt". or not. Why keep studying Witchcraft if I'm not meant to be Wiccan? Oh, I understand it's good to know about different paths, but I can go back to it when I'm less confused. Shouldn't I be studying the path that is right for me first?

I mean, I believe in Mother Earth and in "A creator" Whether the Creator is the same as Mother Earth or different, I don't know yet. I love nature and can relate to the Earth Magick of Wicca, but I know that my totem is the Wolf. Do Wiccan's have "totems" or is that a Shamanistic thing? I love hiking, and when I'm in nature, it speaks to me. The Wind gives me advice and I take my "energy" from the wind. I love the Symbolism of the pentacle as "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit," and have even bought a Pentacle ring that I now wear. I also wear a necklace made of of Runes to symbolize "Strength of Self."

I'm sorry for the rant. I guess I'm just looking for a little guidance somewhere, aside from my husband and Elementalist and Wiccan friend.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I thank you so much.

Bright Blessings...



Posted by revia on 2006.11.02 at 07:44
They posted my opinion in today's BackTalk . It's not what I wanted, I prefer to have my name used. Not because I like the attention. I just want to make sure people don't think I am trying to hide my identity. I hate the anonymous complaint sections in both papers.

Oh well. It's out there now. And they left in the snarkiness. And whomever wrote the original is probably more likely to read this than the op/ed page anyway.


Times article

Posted by revia on 2006.11.01 at 15:10
For those that haven't seen the article: here it is.

There was a comment in today's BackTalk .

Here is the response I sent to the paper.Collapse )

We are so very popular!


For the parents out there

Posted by revia on 2006.10.21 at 22:28
Can anyone give me a couple of measurements of kid's wrists. I'm making bracelets for them to hang their bead charms on for attending rituals, and I want to make sure they are big enough without being too big. I'm going to ask for $1-2 donation for the bracelets to cover the cost of making them. The charms will be free. The first one is a round hematite bead. I've never done any jewelery work before, so we'll see how it goes.

I bought some crayons, markers, construction paper, sequins, etc, for making masks. I figure I can put all of it into plastic bins and we can use the stuff for future projects as well. I do not have kids' scissors, though. If anyone can bring some, I would appreciate it.

I have such a busy week! :-)


Witches' Ball

Posted by revia on 2006.10.12 at 21:08
Just a reminder that the Witches' Ball is this Saturday! There are still tickets available! Get your costumes out, find a sitter, and come out to join us. Email me at revia@sbcglobal.net if you need more information.

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